Mikey Cole

Power Lifting Coach


Mikey is an accomplished powerlifter and coach: having trained in powerlifting for the past six years, Mikey has coached powerlifts for four years, with private clients ranging from casual workout buffs to Top-5 ranked powerlifters. Most recently, Mikey has worked with Team Freel during the past two years, helping that squad to achieve a number of podium spots and records at various powerlifting meets. Mikey has a 601 raw back squat, a 363 raw bench and a 617 raw deadlift. When suited up with multi-ply lifting gear, those numbers shoot up to 804, 529 and 661, respectively!
Given his experience working with a powerlifting team, Mikey will be a great addition to the CFR powerlifting program and promises to build on the solid success CFR members have recently carved out with hard work under the existing powerlifting program. When you get an opportunity, introduce yourself and maybe stick around for some powerlifting training.

CONTACT: [email protected]