John “Moose” Mustafa

CrossFit Coach


CF L-1, CF L-2, CF Olympic Lifting, CF Power Lifting, CF Gymnastics

CF Mobility, CF Rowing, CF Endurance, CF Coaches Prep, CF Kids

John Mustafa (sometimes called “Moose” because of the first syllable of his last name) has been a CrossFit Certified Level 1 Coach since June 2009. John’s approach to coaching CrossFit is one that enables his athletes to learn the true meaning of technique and perfect form.  He offers a wide skill set and technical coaching to athletes of all levels.  A graduate of UCLA and UCLA School of Law, John has served as a judge and as head judge at numerous fitness competitions since 2009, including the CrossFit Games since 2010.   John’s background in judging CrossFit events such as being a floor judge for the CrossFit games allows him to teach athletes the true meaning of movement standards.  No one will hold you to a higher standard than Moose, his skills and teaching abilities ensure that you will learn everything you need to know to participate and grow as a “CrossFitter” in a safe and positive environment.   “My workout philosophy is that the best workout in the world is the one you actually do.  We’re all on a journey to ‘better,’ and it gives me chills to be able to help out along the way.”

CONTACT: [email protected]