Here are some FAQ's we hear at CrossFit Reality:

A.) We have a strict philosophy on training here at CFR, and that is to encourage and maintain a positive training environment at all times. All members are encouraged to be friendly; we will not tolerate negative attitudes towards training or other members of our community. This is a place for us to grow as individuals and to become the men and women we aspire to be.

A.) Yes, we have 4 bathrooms and two showers.

A.) We are a10,000+ SQFT facility, one of the largest CrossFit gyms in SoCal, and most certainly the largest in all of the Long Beach and Signal Hill area. We continuously add new equipment and classes to offer the best training facility in all of LA and OC.

A.) We never get overcrowded, not because we aren't busy, but because we have over 10,000sqft of gym space and 9 of the best coaches you'll ever meet! We don't limit our classes sizes we simply add coaches to the schedule to ensure the safety and quality training remains above the highest of standards.

A.) All new members go through 6 one on one sessions before they even set foot in a regular class. These six one on ones are designed to break down any fears or anxieties you may have about working out or CrossFit in general. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or someone who has never stepped foot in a gym these one on ones will break everything down for you on a level you can understand and maintain.

A.) The paleo diet can be a great tool in the appropriate situation. However, we all have different bodies, and our bodies all react differently to different foods. The paleo diet is great, but it is not the only diet. Think of diets as more a way of life or a lifestyle, you cannot stress about it and you must enjoy it for it to actually be beneficial to you. We are about becoming better versions of ourselves here plain and simple.

A.) We take pride in our program, and our methods of training. People choose us because of the standards we set for our athletes. We teach PROPER technique and enforce the standards with each and every athlete. Our coaching on technique, proper mechanics of movement, and our diverse coaching staff are why our athletes choose us over other CrossFit boxes.