Getting Started at CrossFit Reality

Everything you'll need to know to get started when you walk through the door so that you are perfectly prepared to begin your journey into CrossFit. We use a lot of crazy terms and analogies (much like the military) so here are a few for you to begin to understand.



Programming is often a word you will here being thrown around, what it really means is deciding what the workouts are and what there purpose is. Efficient and effective programming are necessary for you to reach your fitness goals.


WOD is short for "workout of the day". This is a CrossFit term used to explain what we will be doing on any particular day of training. Most workouts are either timed or done for a prescribed number of rounds.


Rx is the term in CrossFit that is used for doing the workout "as prescribed" or "as Rx". Crossfit is universally scalable, meaning that however the workout is written on the whiteboard our coaches can tailor it to your athletic ability no matter what it is.

The Box

"The Box" is the common term given to the actual gym. In CrossFit we do not call our training facility a gym, instead we call it the "Box". The box is where all the magic of CrossFit happens (even box parties). We are a family here and we treat each other as such, this is a community of like-minded individuals who want to better themselves.


"AMRAP" Another one of CrossFit's infamous acronyms. This stands for As Many Rounds As Possible, or what we like to call a no-win situation. These workouts consist of performing rounds of prescribed movements over and over again until time runs out.


The whiteboard is used every day. This is where you will find everything you need to know about the CrossFit class you are attending. The WOD and warm up will be written on these boards. If you want to see how all your classmates have faired throughout the day this is where you look too! All the scores for all the athletes who came to the box on that day will be here as well.

Performance Driven Results:

Here at CrossFit Reality we strive for excellence each and every day. We understand the need to approach training from an individual level. We understand that no two athletes are the same and that no two people learn the same way. Our program is built around these notions and the success rate of our athletes speaks for itself.

Overall Performance (per cycle)

  • Strength Cycle PR's 94%

  • Increase In Cardio (endurance) 96%

  • Increase in Flexibility 85%

  • Having Fun While Training 110%